I drink. I dance. I report.

About Me


I’ve been working in broadcast journalism since 2003, and love meeting new people and telling stories. When I’m not obsessing over breaking news, I’m hiking Yosemite, dancing, cooking, doing yoga, or playing rockabilly drums.

I love drinking beer, especially IPA’s, a habit that formed in my hometown, the beer-loving Portland, Oregon, which boasts over 60 breweries.

Food is a major hobby, and I enjoy cooking, eating out, and discovering cheap happy hours.

Overall, I love to have fun!


14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Took some time this afternoon to read your blog and I LOVE IT!!!!!

    Now, when do I get to read your book?

    Once all the dust of my past few months settles I would love to get together. Charley is now on week 7 in Hawaii, but planning to come home end of this week and can’t wait. Katie arrives home July 5th … finished school in Siena last week and now visiting her melt-your-heart-gorgeous-and-great-guy friend from high school who lives in Budapest. If she can tear herself away, she’s on for a week in Leipzig, then to London only if she can mooch off a couple girlfriends there for a few days before heading home … otherwise she’ll sit tight somewhere cheaper — or figure out a way to go back to Barcelona (can’t stay away from those wicked and wonderful Spanish men …) enroute to Heathrow. Charles is in Hawaii, then home for a brief moment, then to So Cal for racquetball. I saw more of him in Hawaii than I have in the past 2 years. So happy you are here in Portland!

    • Yay I’m glad you like the blog! I keep meaning to read Katie’s blog, but don’t know the address. It sounds like she’s having an amazing time in Europe. Would love to get together this summer! Maybe for a BBQ or something!

  2. Portland is nice, but it’s high time you own living in Sactown. To ease you into Sacramento with the most Portland like experiences possible, here are a few ideas:

    – Pangea Cafe has an ungodly amount of belgians on tap. The owner is always there (and a rad guy), just writing this makes me want to go.
    – Rubicon makes their own beer. It’s decent (read: not mind blowing), but bike there and sit on their patio in the summer, it’s very Sacramento.
    – Bonn Lair is a chill British pub in East Sac, you know, for watching the watching “fúbol” sort of crowd.

    – Hot Italian serves up genuinely excellent pizza that competes well on a national level. Über modern, bike friendly, they sell vespas and have a gelateria.
    – Ella. Ella is fancy, not cheap, but goddamn good. If you can’t foot the bill for a meal there go for happy hour and order a Gin and Tonic. They make their own tonic by muddling quinine in the glass.
    – Any decent burger place, Sacramento is a burger town. Jim Denny’s is my favorite. But many swear by Nationwide Freezer Meats or very popular Squeeze Inn.

    – Temple.
    – Temple (not a typo).
    – Old Soul.

    – Rafting on the American. Floating down the river (especially on a holiday) is an epic event. It involves beer (although no beer on holidays anymore), water canons, mud island, the San Juan Rapids (about 50 feet long) and of course, getting sunburned.
    – The American River bike trail. Just bike the whole thing, f-ing beautiful.
    – River Cats games are cheap fun and offer a gorgeous view of Sacramento often at Sunset.
    – The Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg is great fun. It’s in the delta, it’s classy and come on wine tasting! About a 30 minute drive.
    – Crocker Art Museum and it’s $300 million expansion completed last year

    So there’s a short list of fun Sacramento (+Clarksburg) things. Honestly it’s just what I thought of off the top of my head. And of course there’s the Sacramento Press offices, which are open to the public! feel free to come on down and listen to Ben and I ramble on in person about why Sacramento = good.

    • Wow, terrific advice! I’ve been to several that you recommended, but now you gave me even more to try. I think what I miss are dark, funky pubs with really good beer on tap. I’ve found this in San Francisco. However, I’ve heard great things about Alley Katz in Sacto so I’ll try that!

      • I also just realized you have been in Sac for a while. Whoops!

        And Alley Katz is fun, lots of good beer especially when it comes to interesting bottles and good cider.

        Damnit, now I wish I had better recommendations for Sac. I also have some good recommendations for SF. But one of my favorite places in teh Bay is actually in Albany on Solano Ave. It’s called just “Pub”, and it’s worth a trip.

  3. Ha I just realize that you have actually been in Sac for a while. Whoops!

    But yeah Alley Katz is fun, tons of bottled beers including some great ciders.

    • Yeah exploring Sac has been hard with my hours since I get off at 11:30pm…I haven’t been able to explore any of the happy hour spots. But we’ve been going to SF many weekends and finding new, awesome neighborhoods. I’m loving the Haight District, Cow Hollow and The Fillmore so far. SF is a gem, like Portland on steroids.

  4. Hi Kristin! Your name popped up on a Linked In email and I thought, hey, what’s Kristin up to? I saw that I could click over to your blog–and I’ve had fun reading it. Bruce and I recently spent 4 days in Bodega Bay resting, walking, eating crab galore, and tasting wine in the Sonoma Valley. On our way back to the Sacto airrport we had some excellent snacks and a flight of wine at Revolution Winery and restaurant. A really casual place with engaging service and we thought the food was great. So there you have my one and only recommendation for Sacramento! :–) Happy trails to you. We all send our love.

    • Carol! I literally JUST saw this!!! I hope you are doing well. So good to hear from you. I think I need to revamp my blog 🙂

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  6. I was introduced to your blog by the website Radio Insight, and I must say, I find you writing to be bright, witty and entertaining! Please keep it up! I appreciate what you have done, and I look forward to more great blogs from you!

  7. We are so sad we cannot hear you on the radio anymore!

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